Certified Information Privacy Technologist Training (CIPT)


Professionals negotiating the boundaries between technology and privacy are the target audience for the CIPT course. It provides a comprehensive understanding of privacy technologies with a focus on integration with current IT infrastructures. The syllabus addresses privacy by design, data security, and developing privacy-enhancing technologies to address the ever-changing landscape of data protection. Its pragmatic approach prepares people to handle complex privacy issues in the current digital era.


The CIPT training course is designed for privacy officers, technology specialists, IT workers, and anybody else looking to gain knowledge at the nexus of privacy and technology. It is intended to improve knowledge of how to apply and oversee privacy technologies in IT systems. This course provides helpful insights for managing the challenges of privacy in the digital age, regardless of whether one is involved in data security, privacy compliance, or integrating privacy by design principles.


This course gives participants a thorough grasp of the complex interplay between technology and privacy and gives them the practical skills they need to deal with today’s privacy issues.

The following subjects will be taught to candidates: Participants will learn the following topics:

  1. Foundational Principles of Privacy in Technology
  2. The Role of the Technology Professional in Privacy
  3. Privacy Threats and Violations
  4. Technical Measures and Privacy Enhancing Technologies
  5. Privacy Engineering
  6. Privacy-by-Design Methodology
  7. Technology challenges for privacy

CIPP/E Certification Exam Preparation


  1. Accredited and certified instructional leadership.
  2. Professionally designed, career-oriented skill-based courses.
  3. Issuance of a Certificate of Attendance upon course completion.
  4. One-year membership to the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).
  5. Inclusion of an Exam Voucher for assessment purposes.
  6. Access to Sample/Practice Exam Questions for thorough preparation.
  7. Provision of IAPP e-book and notes to supplement learning materials.
  8. Assurance of the lowest guaranteed price for the training course.
  9. Tailored for IT Professionals

Certified Information Privacy Technologist Training (CIPT)​

Professionals negotiating the boundaries between technology and privacy are the target audience for the CIPT course.

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