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Corporate & Commercial Law Areas we specialize in:

  1. Company registration in Nigeria.
  2. Incorporation of foreign subsidiary in Nigeria Business.
  3. Setup Registration of NGO and Charitable Foundation.
  4. Business permit and Licenses in Nigeria.
  5. Company Secretarial Services.
  6. Corporate governance and Compliance Account Opening & Capital Importation Advisory.
  7. Business Structures and joint Ventures Contracts.
  8. International Contracts Foreign Investment & Offshore Advisory.
  9. Information and Communication Insurance Public Private Partnership Authentication of documents.

Company Law Advisory Post Incorporation services & Winding Up Commercial Litigation Our Services:

  1. Advising on appropriate forms of business for transactions.
  2. Offering services for company registration in Nigeria.
  3. Securing business permit in Nigeria for foreign corporations Securing requisite business Licenses and approvals in Nigeria on behalf of clients.
  4. Registration of foreign subsidiary in Nigeria on behalf of clients.
  5. Filing Trademark and Patent registration in Nigeria on behalf of clients.
  6. Advising on corporate structures in Nigeria, including directors and shareholders matters.
  7. Advising on current legislative implications for commercial and business transactions.
  8. Consulting and advising on regulatory aspects of transactions (e.g. Corporate Affairs Commission filings, Federal Inland Revenue Service Filing, State Internal Revenue Service Filing, among others.)
  9. Conducting due diligence and producing report of it.
  10. Expatriate Quotas, Temporary Work Permit and Residence Permit- Nigerian CERPAC
  11. Drafting all contracts and legal documentations for commercial transactions such as Sale Agreements, Partnerships, Joint Ventures and Shareholders Agreements, Confidentiality Agreement among others.